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The hidden dangers of concussion awareness


When a legitimate problem finally gets recognized for the problem it is, there is tendency in human nature to swing the pendulum waaaaaay over to the other side and overcompensate for previous ignorance.

Infant with severe reflux responds to upper cervical chiropractic

Sylvia learned about babies, reflux, and upper cervical chiropractic on the Ricki Lake Show.

“I never watch Ricki Lake, but I noticed all these moms and babies were on the stage, and they were talking about fussy babies, colic, and acid reflux. I just knew this was the doctor that I needed to see.”

The male health care crisis…!?


After all, the spine, especially the top of the neck, influences the health of the heart, the lungs, the digestive tract, and the immune system. I know a few tough guys in my life that need help in those areas. Do you?

Dr. Zachary Ward featured in Metro-Detroit’s Oakland Press


Growing up, Zachary Ward saw how the use of proper chiropractic care changed his brother’s life completely. In fact, he was so impressed with what he saw, he talked about it frequently with friends and family. That urged his wife to suggest that his passion for the chiropractic field should be put to good use.

Where did all the upper cervical chiropractors go?


While there are many reasons why the upper cervical chiropractic approach is hidden out in the open, perhaps the biggest reason is that there are too few upper cervical chiropractors to really influence public awareness. Let’s see why.

4 reasons I’m an upper cervical chiropractor


I love all forms of chiropractic care, which can be safe, effective, and life-changing. But I also have my reasons for practicing chiropractic in a way that very few others embrace.

Video Blog: Cervicogenic Headache and Upper Cervical Chiropractic

headache video

The source of headaches is often confusing. The kinds of headache are multiple, and their diagnosis is often controversial. Learn about a common kind of headache–the cervicogenic headache, and how it actually starts in the neck, and not in the head.

Guest Post: Our child’s eczema and dermatitis

eczema and upper cervical chiropractic

Many of us have chosen this path in healing because of the profound benefits we have seen in our lives, and in the lives of our friends and family. Here is one story from a doctor whose daughter suffered with terrible eczema and dermatitis. As these kinds of atopic conditions seem to be on the rise in children, it’s important that parents know that addressing the nervous system, through upper cervical chiropractic care, is an option as they seek answers.

Video Blog: Multiple Sclerosis and Upper Cervical Care

MS and upper cervical video blog

Several case studies show relief of MS symptoms in association with Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care. Is there something that can explain these results? New research tells us “Yes!”

Guest Post: The problem of Johnny’s seizures

Upper cervical chiropractic helps boy with seizures

Years of seizures, surgery, and medication, and no real answers. When Johnny’s mom heard of upper cervical care, she knew she had to try it for her son. Even when his primary care provider told her not to.