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4 reasons I’m an upper cervical chiropractor


I love all forms of chiropractic care, which can be safe, effective, and life-changing. But I also have my reasons for practicing chiropractic in a way that very few others embrace.

12 days of Christmas, but only 3 Christmas Wishes

chiropractic christmas wish list

There are 12 days of Christmas, but if I were to drop a letter in the mail to old Kris Kringle I would only have 3 items on my list.

Do you have something to teach?

You don’t have to have letters after your name in order to offer something valuable to our community.

The problem of simple answers

One of the beautiful things about NUCCA upper cervical care is how simple it is. We get your head on straight, take stress off the spine and the nervous system, and we wait for the body to heal.