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Beyond the Jamie Lee Curtis yogurt–the power of kefir!

kefir grains

In spite of the inroads that probiotics have made into American culture, many people still do not realize that these good bacteria have other homes outside of name-brand yogurts or in those cloudy capsules of lactobacillus found in refrigerated section of the local vitamin store.They don’t know, for example, about the tradition of fermenting special grains called kefir–and the probiotics that result.

The secret science of haunted houses, and what they teach us about health


Now, what does this experience in the haunted house have to do with your health? Everything if you are suffering from low energy, chronic pain, headaches, type 2 diabetes, or some other chronic problem.

Is organic food really better? the results of a school science experiment

organic sweet potato videos

Is organic food really better? It all depends on what you mean by better. One child’s science experiment shows us one important consideration when shopping for produce.

Did you eat like this today? The top 10 food items making Americans SAD


Recently the USDA released some welcome changes in the food pyramid. The details of the new guidelines are found in 112 page document released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Here at Raising Wellness, we’re plumbing the depths of the new food guidelines to pick out the most interesting data on how we’re eating, and what it says about us.

Did Macho Man Die From Eating Slim Jims?


Macho Man Randy Savage passed away from injuries sustained in a car accident after he had a heart attack. Known for his endorsement of Slim Jim beef jerky, people were only half-joking when they said “Slim Jims killed the Macho Man!” So, did they?

Is Extreme Couponing Worth It? 3 Reasons to Stop Clipping


Extreme couponing. It’s a strategy that moms are using to save their families thousands of dollars per year. But, it it really worth it? Here are three reasons why you may want to put the shears down and pay for your food.

Farmers’ Markets in Oakland County, Michigan – list for 2011


Recently the Oakland Press, with the help of Mayuri Munot, an Oakland University journalist student/blogger (@Maiya1022 ), compiled a seasonal list of Farmers’ Markets in Oakland County. Just in case the permanent link changes, I’ve reproduces the list in part, focusing on location and website listing.  (I’m assuming readers here are plugged in enough to…