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Infant with severe reflux responds to upper cervical chiropractic

Sylvia learned about babies, reflux, and upper cervical chiropractic on the Ricki Lake Show.

“I never watch Ricki Lake, but I noticed all these moms and babies were on the stage, and they were talking about fussy babies, colic, and acid reflux. I just knew this was the doctor that I needed to see.”

12 days of Christmas, but only 3 Christmas Wishes

chiropractic christmas wish list

There are 12 days of Christmas, but if I were to drop a letter in the mail to old Kris Kringle I would only have 3 items on my list.

Headaches and Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

Can you see a headache on an x-ray? Well, no. Buy what you can see is an imbalance between the head and neck that might be showing up as headache-like symptoms.

3 reasons your doctor can’t fix your neck pain

You’ve had the x-rays. You’ve had the muscle relaxers. You’ve even had the physical therapy. Now what?

Do you have something to teach?

You don’t have to have letters after your name in order to offer something valuable to our community.

The problem of simple answers

One of the beautiful things about NUCCA upper cervical care is how simple it is. We get your head on straight, take stress off the spine and the nervous system, and we wait for the body to heal.

NUCCA partners with University of Toledo and Dr. Vijay K. Goel

Groundbreaking research on the cervical spine currently underway, based on a partnership between NUCCA and the University of Toledo.

What about ADD/ADHD and upper cervical care (NUCCA)?

Is there a connection between the alignment of the neck, the upper cervical spine, and behaviors described as ADD/ADHD? Several studies and German doctors say “Yes!”

Cycling pain’s hidden cause and what to do about it…

Physical therapists and chiropractors recognize that the short leg is often caused by a muscular imbalance in the pelvis. Manipulation to the SI joints and release of certain low back and pelvic muscles help relieve the imbalance. Many cyclists are helped this way. The help is only temporary, however, in the presence of an upper cervical misalignment, the true primary cause of pelvic imbalance and the short functional leg.

The 3 lies people believe about headaches

cervicogenic headache

Is misinformation stopping you from getting the help that your body wants?