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Do Kids Need Chiropractors? (Guest Post)


Not all parents, however, think to bring their children to a chiropractor. It’s not their fault though… Political groups within the chiropractic profession have fought diligently to gain recognition as experts for the treatment of back pain. As a result, many people believe that you should only call a chiropractor when your back “goes out.”

12 days of Christmas, but only 3 Christmas Wishes

chiropractic christmas wish list

There are 12 days of Christmas, but if I were to drop a letter in the mail to old Kris Kringle I would only have 3 items on my list.

Are your child’s ears more important than her spine?

girl waiting for scoliosis check

While children don’t typically have the same kinds of back pain as adults, they still have the same hectic schedules, carry the same loads, and sit for hours in the same desks and chairs, and put their bodies through the same rigorous sports.