Brooksie Way Half-Marathon raises money for Oakland County health and wellness programs

Brooksie Way Half-Marathon Rochester Michigan

The fourth Brooksie Way Half Marathon is set for Oct. 2 in Rochester Hills. The race begins on the campus of Oakland University and winds through the streets of Rochester and Rochester Hills and parts of the Clinton River Trail and Paint Creek Trail before returning to the OU campus. This year, the course will start and finish for the first time on the Meadow Brook Music Festival grounds.

Boot Camp Challenge in Clarkston starting soon (PSA)

Clarkston MI Boot Camp Fitness

Boot Camp Challenge is a proven group fitness class that runs for six weeks, and six weeks only. Sometimes a Bootcamp Challenge is held in a gym, but fitness instructor Kim Arcobello, ACE, WITS CFPT is keeping it as accessible as possible by holding classes in Bay Court Park or Clintonwood Park in Clarkston.

What the NFL may teach us about MS and similar diseases

Traumatic brain injury

Sometimes it takes a high profile NFL lawsuit to open a new conversation on the treatment of MS and other similar, neuro-degenerative diseases.

Upper cervical chiropractic perspective on


Migraines, menstrual problems, brain-fog, fatigue, fibromyalgia. All of them are seemingly unrelated problems. Yet, clinically we have seen all of them resolve when we go back and finally deal with the injury that happened when she was a child.

Podcast review: A look back at our history


This website started in 2009, as a local natural health resource for central Iowa. Since that time, your host has moved to Oakland County, in Southeast Michigan, to practice upper cervical chiropractic near family. And the local focus of the site has changed a long with it. But we did some great interviews for our…

4 reasons I’m an upper cervical chiropractor


I love all forms of chiropractic care, which can be safe, effective, and life-changing. But I also have my reasons for practicing chiropractic in a way that very few others embrace.

Is organic food really better? the results of a school science experiment

organic sweet potato videos

Is organic food really better? It all depends on what you mean by better. One child’s science experiment shows us one important consideration when shopping for produce.

Is dinner time stressful? 7 tips for better family meals


It’s clear from the publication of the new Dietary Guidelines from the USDA, that we Americans don’t have the most healthy relationship with our food.

Am I smarter than a spine surgeon?


So, what do you think? Am I smarter than a spine surgeon? Or is it just the case of two different and necessary ways of looking at health problems.

Did you eat like this today? The top 10 food items making Americans SAD


Recently the USDA released some welcome changes in the food pyramid. The details of the new guidelines are found in 112 page document released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Here at Raising Wellness, we’re plumbing the depths of the new food guidelines to pick out the most interesting data on how we’re eating, and what it says about us.

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