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Why you need a health care power of attorney for your college-age child ASAP!


As her parent you have been her legal guardian for 18 years. You pay thousands for her health insurance and tuition. You might think that her school, her doctors, and even the hospital billing department should be obligated to talk to you. You might be surprised to learn that they aren’t.

Pilates: why this approach to exercise and fitness still matters 100 years later

McEntire Pilates Rochester MI

There are fitness routines. There are exercise fads. And then there is Pilates. For over 100 years, the work of Joseph Pilates has been changing minds and bodies while many thousands of other exercise products and regimens have come and gone.

Upper cervical chiropractic perspective on


Migraines, menstrual problems, brain-fog, fatigue, fibromyalgia. All of them are seemingly unrelated problems. Yet, clinically we have seen all of them resolve when we go back and finally deal with the injury that happened when she was a child.

Podcast review: A look back at our history


This website started in 2009, as a local natural health resource for central Iowa. Since that time, your host has moved to Oakland County, in Southeast Michigan, to practice upper cervical chiropractic near family. And the local focus of the site has changed a long with it. But we did some great interviews for our…

Balanced Living Podcast: Interview with Ashley Tape Fleming, LMT of Ames, Iowa

Local conversations with local people about what it means to live a balanced life. Episode One with Ashley Tape Fleming, LMT.