Warning! Your posture is making you weak

Amy Cuddy Body Posture Confidence

Some research is saying your posture determines how you feel. Use this to your advantage.

How you feel is visible in how you stand

How you feel definitely influences how you stand, sit, and move. The most obvious example is pain. Pain stops us from standing upright, from moving with a full range of motion, and from moving as quickly as we would like.

Lack of self-esteem, self-confidence, and depression can show up in our posture too. We all instinctively know how a confident and happy person stands: up and open, with shoulders back and head up. The person who lacks confidence stands closed, and often more forward than the self-confident person. They are almost trying to hide out in the open.

After giving thousands of adjustments in theĀ  last five years, I can tell you that when posture changes as a result of a better alignment, often the person’s demeanor changes.

In alignment people tend to be happier people. It may be due to changes in lower brain chemistry as a result of the adjustment. Or it could simply be that the easier it is to hold upright posture, the happier/more self-confident we tend to be.

This is what research from a woman named Amy Cuddy is saying. She teaches at Harvard Business school. She knew that how we feel can influence our posture and body language (an important component of business interactions). But she wanted to know if the opposite was possible.

Stand taller, feel stronger?

Can we intentionally change how we feel by changing how we are standing? Can we adopt a powerful stance and then feel more powerful?

Her results seem to show, yes! And anyone who has lifted weights more than a few times will nod their head in agreement.Because holding body positions can actually boost certain hormones in our system. Seriously!

So, what does this have to do with you? If you are a student or work in an office consider a small thought experiment…

  • Is it possible that having a desk job that forces you to adopt a closed and down posture for 3/4 of your day is actually helping you to feel powerless?
  • Would your day change if every so often you went and power posed in the bathroom for a few minutes as Amy suggests?

How do you power pose to raise certain hormones in your system? It’s pretty simple. To get the full effect I recommend watching her full presentation here. And as it’s YouTube, keep in mind I’m not responsible for the comments.

Written by Dr. Ward

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One Response to Warning! Your posture is making you weak
  1. Raleigh Holistic Vitality Center
    May 6, 2014 | 4:46 pm

    Although many people dont think about it, it makes a lot of sense that people who slump when they sit are usually less enthusiastic than others that sit upright. Think about it, if you are sat around with friends and you slump down, the chances are you arent really involved in the conversation, and are just merely present, whereas when you are sat up you can see, and engage with everyone, making you a big part of the conversation.