Why don’t people start chiropractic care?


Why don’t people start chiropractic care? Five reasons why people say no.

Many chiropractic patients and patients of upper cervical care are excited about their new found health.  Many try to refer family and friends for care, and some are surprised how their great results don’t necessarily motivate their loved ones.

In fact, they are surprised by some of the resistance they get from the people they love the most.

Why don’t some people consider chiropractic care? Even when they are no longer ignorant of the great results that are possible?

  • No time?
  • No money?
  • No insurance?

Not really.

Those are the first reasons that come to mind.  But my experience says otherwise. Despite someone saying they don’t have the time and resources, it’s really about something deeper.

After having hundreds of conversations with friends, relatives, acquaintances, and people in consultation over the last four years, these are the five big reasons people just don’t do what you have done if you have healed through upper cervical care.

Five reasons people say no to trying chiropractic

Reason #1 They don’t want to be wrong.

Some people have spent years and years and thousands of dollars investing in health care choices that haven’t worked. Sometimes you being right about getting help means that they’ll feel wrong about their past choices.

Some people will go to great lengths to stay right, including not trying something new. Protecting their ego may be more important than protecting their health.

Reason #2 My doctor would have told me if this would have helped.

“My doctor would have told me about that.” Another version of that is “If that was possible I would have found out about it by now.”

Many people don’t understand that their doctor’s perspective on health and healing is really a very small, personal piece of the information that is out there. Others believe that because of all the research they have done about their problem (consulting Dr. Google!), that they’ve got a good handle on all their options.

The reality is that health care is a big mess of information. Some of it good. And some of it not so good. Some of it is going to be considered wrong in the next generation. Most physicians just don’t have the time to learn about the mechanics of the spine and the intricacies of the nervous system….so they don’t.

Reason #3 I tried that once already.

Hands-on care gets really confusing. There are many different kinds of massages. There are many different kinds of body work. There are many different kinds of chiropractors. And there are many different practitioners who do manipulations, including DO’s, physical medicine doctors, and physical therapists.

It’s easy for some people to believe that a chiropractor is a chiropractor is a chiropractor. Or because a physical therapist once pushed on their spine, and nothing happened, that they’ve already gotten an atlas correction. If you are a long-time upper cervical patient, you know better, but they don’t.

Reason #4 They don’t believe they deserve it.

It’s kind of hard to understand, but some people just don’t believe they deserve the kind of care and healing you’ve received. They say things internally like “Well, it probably won’t work for me” or the make excuses about putting others needs before theirs.

Some people have deeply bonded with others through their pain and illness. And if they actually heal through it, they might lose the security of that bond. Do you see how that works?

Reason #5 I heard it could…

I heard it could kill you. I heard you have to go every week for the rest of your life. I heard it could turn your skin green.

There are some things that people have heard. Even if it’s not true, they have heard it, and for right now, they would rather believe what they’ve heard than to investigate what might be a possible source of healing for them.

Why are people like this? Largely because of fear. People are afraid of the unknown. Thy are afraid to put their hope in something that might not work. They are afraid of what others might think about them.

(It’s also very possible that someone’s bad experience with some chiropractor somewhere contains the kernel of truth for some of these automatic dismissals. Every profession has its not-so-great characters.)

What to do when your family and friends say no to help from a chiropractor?

So, what do we do with these reasons? If you’re frustrated by a lack of interest in your healing story, don’t worry. Just keep telling your story, and when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

Often times the people we don’t think are listening actually are hearing us. People do things for their own reasons in their own time.

If you are an upper cervical chiropractic advocate, keep planting seeds. The believers will believe you. The skeptics will probably stay that way. And someone who needs the care will end up calling. They will remember what you say. And it just might change someone’s life for the better.

Written by Dr. Ward

Father. Foodie. And dedicated upper cervical chiropractor. Find me practicing gentle upper cervical care in Oakland County, Michigan. Have a question or comment? I'm at your service. Reach me at my Auburn Hills chiropractic practice: (248) 598-4002. Or on Google +, Facebook, or Twitter.

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