Seven great links about upper cervical chiropractic care

x-ray of upper cervical spine

Here at Raising Wellness, we can never say enough about the field of upper cervical chiropractic, which we believe is a foundational component for a healthy life.

Recently some great posts have been placed on a few of our favorite blogs helping to explain the how and why upper cervical care works, and why so many make it a part of their lives.

Satisfaction associated with upper cervical chiropractic care

What information can prospective patients garner from this data? First, that the true Upper Cervical approach doesn’t require dozens of visits before patients see improvement. This is valuable in a number of ways…

Ten reasons to try upper cervical chiropractic care (in Auburn Hills, Michigan)

Although there are other reasons that may be unique to your situation, here are ten good reasons why you might want to make your next consultation with a health care provider in an upper cervical chiropractic office.

Six things upper cervical doctors do differently than other chiropractors

Upper cervical doctors are different than other chiropractors. To help you understand the differences, here are the top six ways your upper cervical doctor will be different than any other doctor of chiropractic that you will see.

How many adjustments do I need (part 1)

Those who choose the third way have gotten the big idea that a healthy life lived to the fullest extent depends on a healthy nervous system, which depends on a healthy spine, and that in this day and age, a healthy spine depends on quality chiropractic adjustments.

How many adjustments do I need (part 2)

Some people think that if you’ve visited one chiropractor, then you’ve visited them all. In reality, chiropractic care and the delivery of the chiropractic adjustment is its own art form. There are multiple ways to adjust the spine, and multiple ways to figure out if that adjustment was successful or not.

Great upper cervical safety study by Eriksen at al.

What’s really remarkable, but not surprising, is that all 83 Chiropractors have delivered over 5 million adjustments with no reported incidence of serious adverse events.

Why I am an upper cervical care advocate

So, when my upper cervical doctor released my wife and me from our pain, I couldn’t just run to freedom without taking my fellow “inmates” with me. Of course, not everyone will be able to go. Fear, and the comfort of “an evil that they know” will make it difficult for some to follow when the door swings open.

Written by Dr. Ward

Father. Foodie. And dedicated upper cervical chiropractor. Find me practicing gentle upper cervical care in Oakland County, Michigan. Have a question or comment? I'm at your service. Reach me at my Auburn Hills chiropractic practice: (248) 598-4002. Or on Google +, Facebook, or Twitter.

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  1. Chiropractors Toronto
    December 20, 2011 | 4:43 pm

    Thank you for sharing this information and facts as well as not everyone is familiar with cervical chiropractic care.

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