What the NFL may teach us about MS and similar diseases

Traumatic brain injury

Sometimes it takes a high profile NFL lawsuit to open a new conversation on the treatment of MS and other similar, neuro-degenerative diseases.

75 former NFL players are now suing the league for concealing the long-term risks of the concussions that often happen in pro football.

These NFL players say that, over time, these mild concussions lead to long-term health problems associated with more dramatic forms of traumatic brain injury. No, they didn’t have bleeding head wounds, nor did they spend days in a coma after a hard hit. But, they have symptoms like they could have have experienced these more violent scenarios.

So, what are the symptoms of mild brain injury, and what does this have to do with how we think about multiple sclerosis?

You are going to have to read the article at HealthCentral.com to find out.

Written by Dr. Ward

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