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HealthCentral.com has asked me to participate in their online expert panel on multiple sclerosis. They also interviewed me to share the upper cervical chiropractic perspective on health and chronic disease.

I think this is the most important part:

You know, there’s a host of things that are related to the upper cervical spine, and when you start looking at all of them, there are two responses: first, “This is amazing and why haven’t I heard this before!?” or that this is all quackery, and you’re just making this up. (You can find all kinds of Internet experts who will tell you one way or another, who have never set foot inside of a chiropractic practice that does what we do.)

For issues of “fibro-fog,” TMJ or Migraine, these are all related to the upper cervical spine, in many cases.

The traditional progression of someone who really needs upper cervical care might look something like this:

It starts with the young girl who has a difficult birth. She is a colicky baby, but grows out of it. Her parents think nothing of it. She experiences a relatively uneventful childhood. At 8 she experiences a minor neck or head trauma, let’s say a whiplash injury. Again, she seems fine, so her parents think nothing of it. Six months later she develops minor headaches on a weekly basis, and by the time she reaches menarche, she has Migraines, and extraordinary menstrual pain during her cycle. She gets treated pharmaceutically. In her late teens she begins being treated for depression. By the time she is 30, perhaps after the birth of a child, she experiences prolonged fatigue and discreet muscle pains, and she is diagnosed with Fibromyalgia after bouncing back from one provider to the next for a year more.

Migraines, menstrual problems, brain-fog, fatigue, fibromyalgia.  All of them are seemingly unrelated problems.  Yet, clinically we have seen all of them resolve when we go back and finally deal with the injury that happened when she was a child.

I think we’re really on the cusp of a new awareness based on a new ability to explain what is happening in the relationship of upper cervical health to total well-being.

You can read the whole interview on upper cervical chiropractic and chronic disease here.

Written by Dr. Ward

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