Is organic food really better? the results of a school science experiment

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Is organic food really better? It all depends on what you mean by better. One child’s science experiment shows us one important consideration when shopping for produce.

The politics of organics

Every couple of years there’s a study that shows that organic food is better than conventionally grown produce–as in it contains more vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. The press writes a couple of articles.

A few years later, another study will show that organically grown food isn’t any more nutritious
than conventionally grown food. The press will write many more articles, and everyone debates it. And when you’re standing in the grocery store aisle, comparing the prices between organics and conventionally raised food, it may cause you to pause.

But if you’re only investing in organics because of the superior nutritional value, you might be missing the bigger picture, like what is NOT in organics that is found in conventionally grown and processed produce.

A school science experiment: is organic better?

Many people choose organics because of their justified fear of the toxic effects of synthetic herbicides and pesticides used in the growing process, or in the processing for an extended shelf-life.

Take for example the following video produced by a student who ended up discovering the effects of a processing chemical known as “Budnip.”

I think the girl’s question at the end of video captures the bigger question perfectly: which of these three plants would you choose to eat?

  • The conventionally processed plant?
  • The organic plant that has shown signs of being chemically processed for a longer shelf life?
  • Or the organic plant that has been raised and processed chemically free?

And this question doesn’t even mention the differences that may be in flavor, or even sustainable agricultural practices.  Leave your opinion in the comments below.

Written by Dr. Ward

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