Guest Post: The problem of Johnny’s seizures

Upper cervical chiropractic helps boy with seizures

Years of seizures, surgery, and medication, and no real answers. When Johnny’s mom heard of upper cervical care, she knew she had to try it for her son. Even when his primary care provider told her not to.

Editor’s note: This guest post from Dr. Ian Bulow, Upper Cervical Doctor in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania. You can read more about Dr. Bulow and his practice here.

Seizures in children and Upper Cervical Chiropractic

I started taking care of a little boy in the office last week. We will call him “Johnny” for the time being.

Johnny is 7 years old. To see him in the car next to you, you would think nothing of him. But to KNOW what he has been through is a different story.

Johnny came in to our office because a true friend of his mother told her to bring him in.

Johnny gets seizures.

So many in fact that he has to be seat belted into his chair at school. So many in fact that he has to wear a helmet in school. So many in fact that he is on multiple medications, and his medical doctors went so far as to surgically implant a device to help control his nervous system.

I wonder what that must feel like for him not to have control of his body from time to time (20+ times a day when he first came in to my office.) I wonder what it must be like for a parent not to have control of their child. Not to be able to HELP them when they want to the most.

Maybe I don’t wonder about such things…why would I want to?

So now let me wonder about better things.

Johnny is doing much better now.

His mother took the advice of her true friend and brought Johnny in for an UPPER CERVICAL evaluation. Sure enough, Johnny has a lot of stress in the area of his brain stem. (He should. He was dropped on his head only a couple months before the seizures started, in addition to having a c-section birth).

One SPECIFIC UPPER CERVICAL ADJUSTMENT and Johnny is doing better than he has in MONTHS, and to date he is continuing to stabilize.

Now, who is to blame? An easy question to ask, but the wrong question for such a time. So, lets try again: Who is to thank?

Me? I don’t think so. I simply move the bone, God’s design does the healing. So let’s thank Him first.

Johnny’s mom? Without a question! In fact Johnny’s mom was told NOT to bring her in to my office by Johnny’s  primary care provider. But she did what she KNEW IN HER HEART was the right thing to do: SOMETHING DIFFERENT! (If you want a change in your life then guess what? Something has to CHANGE)

How about the friend of Johnny’s mom? Where would Johnny be today had his mother’s friend not shared what she KNEW about Upper Cervical Care? I dare not wonder such things.

Moral of today’s story:

I want to thank each and every one of you who has made a DIFFERENCE in the lives around you by letting them know about Upper Cervical health care. God does not NEED Upper Cervical doctors to get sick people well, but we sure like being used by Him from time to time. Please give me that gift this year. Please allow me to check those in your life that you feel need a second opinion, need some hope, need their health to be RESTORED.

I pray that you had a safe and wonderful New Year celebration. I pray that you are so incredibly blessed this year that you have no choice but to thank the Lord in everything you do.

God Bless,


Thanks to Dr. Ian for letting me share this story with you.

Written by Dr. Ward

Father. Foodie. And dedicated upper cervical chiropractor. Find me practicing gentle upper cervical care in Oakland County, Michigan. Have a question or comment? I'm at your service. Reach me at my Auburn Hills chiropractic practice: (248) 598-4002. Or on Google +, Facebook, or Twitter.

2 Responses to Guest Post: The problem of Johnny’s seizures
  1. Johnathan Oliver
    January 11, 2010 | 12:41 pm

    Thanks for sharing Dr. Bulow’s story. My hopes are that other parents will begin to hear about natural routes they can choose for health and wellness. Many parents simple do not know of upper cervical care.

    Thank you for sharing.
    Johnathan Oliver D.C.
    Upper Cervical Chiropractor
    Oliver Specific Chiropractic
    1335 Dublin Road Suite 75-A
    Columbus, Ohio 43215

    P.S. Hope you had fun playing with your wonderful family in the Iowa snow.

  2. Travis Robertson
    January 13, 2010 | 3:48 pm

    Great post Doc! Amazing story! Dr. Bulow is definitely doing some great work.