NUCCA partners with University of Toledo and Dr. Vijay K. Goel

The Upper Cervical Research Foundation is moving into its second phase of investigation of the upper cervical spine, with the Department of Biomechanical Engineering at the University of Toledo.

Dr. Vijay K. Goel, respected researcher and co-director for Engineering Center for Orthopaedic Research Excellence (E-Core) on the University of Toledo Campus is heading up this first-of-its kind study on the mechanics of the head and neck.

The research project is unique because it’s using computer based finite element modeling, which has not been done in the cervical spine.  The project hopes to demonstrate the changes to mechanics in the cervical spine, as brought about by the NUCCA upper cervical correction.

Important and groundbreaking in this work is demonstrating and defining what is biomechanically normal in a posturally neutral position, particulary in the upper cervical spine.

With a proper definiton of normal, the researchers will then be able to measure and define “abnormal” in order to test the NUCCA hypothesis of upper cervical spinal misalignment.

Written by Dr. Ward

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