Cycling pain’s hidden cause and what to do about it…

I’ve written an article now featured here. Here’s a brief excerpt:

The real cause of the short leg
Cyclists who want to address the strain of the short leg should do more than just adapt their bike; they should adapt their body. That means getting to the real cause of the short leg.

Physical therapists and chiropractors recognize that the short leg is often caused by a muscular imbalance in the pelvis. Manipulation to the SI joints and release of certain low back and pelvic muscles help relieve the imbalance. Many cyclists are helped this way.

The help is only temporary, however, in the presence of an upper cervical misalignment, the true primary cause of pelvic imbalance and the short functional leg.

For more information regarding upper cervical care and cycling, I recommend Lennard Zinn’s Cycling Primer, as he has a whole chapter dedicated to chiropractic care, speficially NUCCA. Or you can read another article by Zinn: A different approach to leg-length discrepancies, originally printed in VeloNews, and now posted here.

Written by Dr. Ward

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