Actress Diane Matson uses NUCCA for migraines

“The gentle technique that eliminates headaches” reads the headline in First Magazine.

According to a story published in First Magazine, Washington based Diane Matson found relief for debilitating headaches through NUCCA. Matson had experienced migraines since her teen years, and had never found a solution for the pain until she discovered upper cervical care.

As an actress Matson didn’t like relying on prescription pain killers. They dulled the pain but they also left her groggy and unable to audtion for roles.

Lucky for Diane there’s several competent NUCCA doctors in Washington state. “…The doctor pressed behind Diane’s ears and jaw for several minutes–the start of a gradual straightening process. After a month of treatments, Diane’s headaches were history.”

Said Diane:  “Now I’m prepping for a new TV role. My migraines are no longer a scene stealer.”

Written by Dr. Ward

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One Response to Actress Diane Matson uses NUCCA for migraines
  1. Not Suffering
    May 11, 2009 | 8:30 pm

    I LOVE IT! I lived with headaches for years….to the point where getting one was “normal”
    For those of you suffering …it might be common but ITS NOT NORMAL. Cars accidents are common but they arent normal! Im so glad I found care that helped return life to “normal” and helped me function better!