Debbie Downer: Life Coach?


If you are a fan of self-help and motivation books, but can’t find the time to sit and read for more than a few minutes at a time—I highly recommend a book by Steve Chandler called: 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself: Change Your Life Forever.

Don’t be scared off by the subtitle: “Change Your Life Forever.” It’s more about tweaking your thinking. It has a list of 100 different methods to re-think the ways you are thinking about your life, love, relationships, career, etc.–all in bite-sized sections.

Here is one of my favorites, which comes at the end of the book. It is actually way 101. It’s entitled:

“Teach yourself the power of negative thinking”

Steve recounts a seminar where he invited people to write down what they really wanted out of life on a blank sheet of paper. No limits. After several minutes, no one had anything written down. This made Steve frustrated. Who doesn’t really want something out of life? In a moment of insight, he followed his gut and asked them to do something strange: he asked them to write down what they “didn’t want to happen.” He describes the weird thing that happened next:

“What I saw happen next startled me. The entire room’s energy level picked up, and everyone in the workshop was writing, writing, writing….Something strange and electric was filling the air as people aired their fear and grievances….At that moment I got my first true look at the power of the negative. Actually, I had seen it before…saying no was always a stronger stand to take than saying yes. Saying no is drawing a line in the sand. It is taking a stand…

“Once we understand the power of those no’s deep inside of us, we can use them to motivate ourselves like never before.”

Does that mean you should find a Debbie Downer and adopt her as a life coach? No, The trick is to convert our fears and no’s into a constructive plan. Steve ends the book this way:

“The next time you lack motivation when thinking of what you want, try turning it around. Ask yourself what you absolutely don’t want, and then feel the energy building in you to overcome that problem. That energy you’re feeling is the deepest and most primal form of motivation.”

In what areas of your health are you lacking motivation?

Instead of thinking of your ideal outcome first, you might consider what you’d like to avoid–and then consider at what costs you’re willing to avoid it. Even the most negative people find themselves engaging in the most positive thinking when they say: “Maybe it will go away…all on its own.”

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Amy Cuddy Body Posture Confidence

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As her parent you have been her legal guardian for 18 years. You pay thousands for her health insurance and tuition. You might think that her school, her doctors, and even the hospital billing department should be obligated to talk to you. You might be surprised to learn that they aren’t.

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When a legitimate problem finally gets recognized for the problem it is, there is tendency in human nature to swing the pendulum waaaaaay over to the other side and overcompensate for previous ignorance.

How to practice chiropractic without a license

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Want to practice chiropractic, but aren’t licensed as a chiropractor? Believe it or not, it can be pretty easy to do. Here are three ways you can start mastering the spine even though you barely know the difference between major and a minor subluxation.

Nine other benefits of chiropractic care (guest post)

Benefts of chiropractic care

While these are two very good reasons for seeking out chiropractic care, there are many more benefits that chiropractors provide. Most people simply don’t know about how chiropractic care can improve the overall health of your body and (as an added bonus) even provide some mental benefits. Here are some of the lesser known health benefits of seeing a chiropractor.

Infant with severe reflux responds to upper cervical chiropractic

Sylvia learned about babies, reflux, and upper cervical chiropractic on the Ricki Lake Show.

“I never watch Ricki Lake, but I noticed all these moms and babies were on the stage, and they were talking about fussy babies, colic, and acid reflux. I just knew this was the doctor that I needed to see.”

The male health care crisis…!?


After all, the spine, especially the top of the neck, influences the health of the heart, the lungs, the digestive tract, and the immune system. I know a few tough guys in my life that need help in those areas. Do you?

Why don’t people start chiropractic care?


Why don’t some people consider chiropractic care? Even when they are no longer ignorant of the great results that are possible?

Is there an opposite to the placebo effect?


Here’s the weird and potentially dangerous think about placebos. They have an opposite in something called the nocebo. When medical patients are told that a sugar pill may give them bad symptoms–they experience those symptoms!

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